Seed Mix Compost

Fertile Fibre’s Seed Mix Compost is an ideal growing medium for sowing seed, planting cuttings and propagation. With the low levels of Fertile Fibre’s unique nutrient base and incorporating Vermiculite’s excellent insulating properties it is perfect for germination and root development.

Please be aware not to overwater coir, as it has excellent water retention properties. To avoid the risk of water logging follow the ‘little and often’ principle.

Fertile Fibre seed compost is especially formulated to give your seeds or cuttings the best possible start.

Directions for using:

First fill a seed tray level with the top, or if using a pot just below the top rim, and give one tap on the worksurface.

Then place the seeds or cutting in the tray, being careful not to press the seed down to near the bottom. Once all the seed or cutting have been planted water lightly, with a rose on your watering can if possible.

(video instructions to follow soon)

For maximium benefit, once roots are established on the plant, and to grow the plant on further pot up into Fertile Fibre’s Potting Compost.

Ingredients of the Seed Mix:

Coir / Cocopeat


Fertile Fibre’s nutrient NB1

If you have used Fertile Fibre Seed Mix Compost, whether it be once or have been using it for years please follow the link below and review or leave us some comments about the product.

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